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Posted on November 7, 2012 by Bree Moore

To put it simply, we’re huge fans of food here at Refinery… So we felt compelled to list and link to every food-related Weekend Agenda item we have shared with you!

So here’s what went down or what you missed:

Make: It is hot outside and so, it is time to think about this spring/summer season’s dreamy snack. Try these delicious black plum ice-cream sandwiches on homemade oat-graham crackers, with a great contrast between soft, creamy ice-cream and crunchy, crumbly outer cookie.

Make: The flavours may remind you of autumn, but get a bunch of figs from your local Brisbane food and produce market, and turn them into a sticky and sweet fig preserve with bold flavours.

Make (by watching): Create a refreshing snack or accompaniment to grilled meats from scratch with this ‘Tzatziki made easy’ recipe – or rather, video – from Olive Us.

Drink: ‘Tis the season to be enjoying delicious spring/summer cocktails such as Sangria in the spring/summer sunshine rays and warmth. Try this variation: Apple Cider Sangria from blog How Sweet It Is.

Make: Homemade NutellaNot much more to say other than try this easy recipe from blog Reclaiming Provincial.

Make: For those gluten-free eaters out there, and anyone else who likes delicious baked treats, get your aprons on and into the kitchen this weekend to try out Baked Apple Cider Donuts from blog Boulder Locavore.

Make: Some of us might love the ‘traditional’ iced coffee – vanilla ice-cream, half a litre of milk, whipped cream and coffee syrup, but let us introduce you to some real tradition: Peter Guilano of Counter Culture Coffee demonstrates how to make Japanese Iced Coffee

Make: Enjoy the delicious mix of Asian and Mexican tastes of Chipotle Prawn and Guacamole Rice Paper Wraps from blog Drizzle and Drop. Rice paper wraps are light, easy and rather healthy, plus you can utilise the abundance of avocados you have (or will have – they’re cheap!)

Make: Taste shares this delicious Chocolate Mousse Cake recipe – a winner in their weekly chocolate food fight. Be sure to check out their homepage for even more dreamy chocolate recipes as the winning recipe is revealed each Friday. Mmm… chocolate.

Bake: What better way to treat yourself than with sugary cereal and sprinkles combined with some adult fun, Malibu Rum? Check out this recipe for Malibu Rum Fruit Loops Treats with White Chocolate and Sprinkles from blog Avery Cooks.

Make: We suggest you bake these delightfully sweet little cheese pockets this weekend… and maybe every weekend. Blog Joy the Baker shares her recipe for Bite-Sized Baked Briewarm cheese baked in a buttery crust with sweet jam.

Drink: For a cocktail that shares similar flavours to the classic Negroni, try a Sneaky Pete this weekend. The recipe is simple; muddle rosemary, then combine Bourbon, Campari and Sweet Vermouth together. Shake with ice, double strain into a glass on the rocks, and garnish with rosemary and grapefruit twist.

Make: We’re huge fans of using tea in baking and this recipe tastes just as good as it sounds – Spiced Blondies with Chai-Infused Ganache from Sydney-based baking blog, Raspberri Cupcakes. Bite into these fudgy, cake squares and taste cinnamon ginger, coriander seed, butter, brown sugar, cardamom, cloves and black pepper, all at once.

Drink: Here is a little cocktail confection to brighten even the most dreary winter day – the Winter Sun cocktail combines clementine, a touch of lemon vodka and a sprig of rosemary.

Make: We would like to meet someone who doesn’t like warm, tasty cinnamon doughnuts… Making doughnuts needn’t be a chore with this Baked Cinnamon Doughnut recipe on Taste.

Drink: Sangria comes out of winter hibernation in this easy-to-make Winter Fruit Sangria recipe by Martha Stewart and don’t worry, it is just as tasty in spring and summer… and autumn…

Make: For serious deliciousness – and the perfect midnight snack – try this impressive Zoom Yummy cookie-for-one recipe that only takes less than five minutes to prepare.

Make: Here is a recipe from My Kitchen in the Rockies for a wonderful Peach Tart with Thyme Sugar, consisting of a flaky homemade pie crust, fresh peaches and sugar, all spruced with fresh thyme.

Drink: This spring, you should be drinking a classic gin with earthy, berry richness; the Sloe Gin Collins is a simple yet effective mix of gin, lemon and sugar charged with soda and served over ice. Watch barkeep Adi Ruiz make this drink on Broadsheet Melbourne and make it yourself over the weekend!

Be sure to keep your eye on Refinery come weekend time as we share an agenda of things to do, see, discover, watch, eat, read, cook, bake, shop, drink, buy, listen to, visit, wear and many other verbs for the weekend days!